Quebec City Walking Tour - French and British Heritage


In-depth historical overview that highlights how early French settlers, British conquerors and American Loyalists shaped bilingual multicultural Canada and modern Quebec City!

This Quebec City historical tour highlights, from its origin in the early 1600’s, the role played by Quebec City and the French of the St. Lawrence valley, in the building of a coast-to-coast nation in concert with the British who conquered Canada before the American Independence. Quebec City’s unique historic district, a World Heritage site since 1985, abounds with significant symbols and remarkable sights that showcase the French, British and Canadian heritage of Quebec’s and, consequently, Canada’s history.

  • Tour lasts 2.5 hours.
  • $200 CAD for your group of 1 to 6 participants. Sales taxes are NOT included.
  • All private tours can be customized to your needs.

Meeting point: your Hotel in Old Quebec, or any other location of the Historic District we agree upon.

We provide thorough answers to essential questions raised by savvy visitors!
Do you know which is the last of 10 provinces of Canada to join the Confederation in 1949?
Do you know that Ontario and New Brunswick were created to welcome the Loyalists who left the United States after its independence in 1783?
Do you know that Canadians paid only $1.5 million for the Rupert’s Lands, territories as large as the Great Louisiana and Alaska together, that Americans paid $22.2 million total?
Do you know that British Columbia was once part of the Oregon country and finally accepted to become a Canadian province, only after a train line was promised and then built on recently acquired Rupert’s Lands?

Understanding North America’s History.
Discovering Canada’s Birthplace.
Exploring Quebec City.

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