Explore Québec City
Discover Canada’s Birthplace
Understand North America’s History
Experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Explore Québec City
Discover Canada’s Birthplace
Understand North America’s History
Experience a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Michel Sirois guiding a family in old quebec
The Paradis Family in Québec City in 2019

Quebec City Historical Walking Tours!

We tell you the history and culture of Quebec and Canada!
Our tours shed light on Canada’s history from early French settlers in Quebec up to the 21st Century. Our guides offer original insights into local economy, religious practices, national linguistic rights and recent political challenges!
Roosevelt statue and st-louis gate in quebec city
Roosevelt bust near St-Louis Gate and French Rampart.
We connect the dots between Canadian and American History!
Many visitors do not know to what a great extent American and Canadian history are intertwined and that there is no better place in North America to examine these ties than in beautiful Quebec City.
Old picture sirois family
A typical French Canadian rural family in 1946.
We create memorable experiences you can relate to!
Spiced up by great family stories, our tour will be the highlight of your trip to Quebec City and will provide you with a wealth of information about local activities and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

We offer private walking tours where we answer questions that most first-time visitors wonder:

Why do many Canadians speak French at home?
Where do English-speaking Canadians come from?
Why are Canada and the USA two different countries?

We examine the most significant traces left by
400 years of history!

chateau frontenac from st-lawrence river

Château Frontenac
Place d’Armes​
Terrasse Dufferin
Wolfe-Montcalm Monument
Holy Trinity Cathedral
Plains of Abraham Battlefield
Price Edifice
Citadelle de Québec
Ursulines Monastery
Quebec Provincial Parliament
​Place Royale
Notre-Dame-de-Québec Cathedral
Old Seminary
And more!


The Birth of New France
The French Colonial Period
The French & Indian War
The Acadian Exile to Louisiana
The Boston Tea Party & the Intolerable Acts
The American Invasion of Canada
The Louisiana Purchase
The War of 1812
The Civil War and creation of Canada
​The Alaska Purchase
The Hudson Bay Company & the Rupert’s Land Purchase
The Birth of modern Canada from coast to coast.
And More!

Samuel de Champlain Statue

Champlain – Founder of Quebec City
Catholic Bishop Francois de Laval
King Louis XIV
Explorers Jolliet & Marquette
Frontenac – Governor of New France
Privateer & Louisiana Governor Pierre Lemoyne d’Iberville
Invaders Arnold & Montgomery
Queen Victoria & Princess Louise
Governor General Lord Dufferin
Loyalists & Irish Fenians into Canada
Fathers of Confederation McDonald & Cartier
And more!


We only work with licensed, experienced and knowledgeable guides with outstanding communication skills.


We showcase the North American French heritage from Quebec to Acadia, Louisiana and the Pacific Northwest.


We specialize in connecting the dots between US and Canadian history through major events and stories you can relate to.


We offer history talks to guests with limited mobility in a cozy private lounge situated in the historic district.

We receive tons of awesome reviews

What an outstanding history tour of upper and lower Quebec City. Michel has so much relevant and interesting information to share, complete with illustrative materials and maps to keep us oriented, and easily shaped the tour to our interests.

AustinHoneybeeTrip Advisor Review

We took this tour with our guide, Michel Sirois, and loved the history that Michel provided. He also provided maps and visual representations of what Quebec was like in the past and this enabled us to visualise buildings that no longer existed or to see where the buildings were located in pictures of the past. He communicated to us his passion and love for Quebec and we were impressed with the history of this fantastic city.

Dally ATrip Advisor Review

We had a three hour walking tour with Michel. This guy is charming with a wealth of information on the history of Quebec. We came away with a complete understanding of the history of Quebec, and we used the information we learned to guide us as we toured over the next two days.

Jeffrey HTrip Advisor Review
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