Quebec City Walking Tour - Exploring French America


One-of-a-kind Old Quebec tour that traces back famous figures and institutions that shaped French North America from Acadia to Louisiana, and then from St. Louis up to the Pacific Northwest after the Louisiana Purchase.

Former capital of New France, Quebec City inevitably witnessed and played a role in the development of the continent. Quebec City’s French heritage can be observed and heard all over the historic district. Therefore, if many North America’s French settlements originate from Quebec City, it should be easy to find here and there imprints of those who set foot in the city. You will see, symbols of historic significance are everywhere - statues, plaques, residences, streets, religious estates - and they give us the opportunity to tell you the history, once important or still alive, of French-speaking North America.

  • Tour lasts 2.5 hours.
  • $200 CAD for your group of 1 to 6 participants. Sales taxes are NOT included.
  • All private tours can be customized to your needs.

Meeting point: your Hotel in Old Quebec, or any other location of the Historic District we agree upon.

We provide thorough answers to essential questions raised by savvy visitors!
From which regions of France come the early French settlers and is North America’s spoken French the same all over the continent?
Where did the French fail to settle in North America before successfully founding a permanent outpost in the St. Lawrence valley?
Do you know that New Orleans was founded by Canadians and that Louisiana Cajuns came originally from Acadia?
Do you know why one can find 150 French names – rivers, towns, mountains - along the Lewis and Clark trail?

Understanding North America’s History.
Discovering Canada’s Birthplace.
Exploring Quebec City.

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