Best Quebec City Walking Tour for American Visitors

1776 - 1867

Must-do experience that highlights the significant role played by Quebec City in the creation of modern Canada and how intertwined Canadian and US history have been!

Our 1776-1867 Canada's Road to Independence tour is about how colonial French settlers, the French & Indian War, the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the American Civil War shaped Quebec and Canada.

  • Tour lasts 2.5 hours.
  • $200 CAD for your group of 1 to 6 participants. Sales taxes are NOT included.
  • All private tours can be customized to your needs.

Meeting point: your Hotel in Old Quebec, or any other location of the Historic District we agree upon.

We provide thorough answers to essential questions raised by savvy visitors!
Why are Quebec and Canada not part of the United States of America?
What makes French-speaking Quebec different from the rest of Canada?
Why are there 10 million people who speak French in this part of the world?
What is the link between French Canada and YOUR part of the continent?
We meet the public tour participants at the Musée du Fort!
Our meeting point
The Musée du Fort presents an original and unique sound and light show on the military history and great battles of Québec City. The show covers a period extending
  • from the founding of Quebec City by French explorer Champlain in 1608,
  • through the French and Indian War whose main repercussion was the creation of a 14th British colony, the Province of Quebec,
  • until the last day of 1775 when British invaders from the American colonies were defeated in Lower Town Quebec City.
The Musée du Fort is the oldest family-owned tourist attraction in Québec City and is the perfect complementary activity to our tours!
Discover the Musée du Fort

Experience a UNESCO Word Heritage site
Understand North America’s History
Discover Canada’s Birthplace
Explore Quebec City

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